Weapon Bracket

Our weapon bracket is designed for securing firearms inside vehicles, ATVs and boats. These new type weapon brackets are developed in collaboration with Norwegian Armed Forces and are tested in their laboratories. Norwegian Army is using these brackets in most of their vehicles. Weapon brackets have been designed to safely secure both new and older firearms to all armoured and non-armoured vehicles, heavy equipment and vessels.

Lockable version of the bracket is also suited for use by police and security services. The bracket has been designed with attention to the smallest detail, taking the easy of use and functionality of the device to a whole new level.

The weapon brackets are equipped with moving front and rear brackets permitting the rack to be used with firearms of different lengths.

The weapon brackets can be mounted directly inside the vehicle; generally, however, intermediate brackets are required because of the lack of flat surfaces for mounting the rack.

The rear bracket has been designed as a locking clamp keeping the weapon in place when the locking arm is pushed inwards and towards the centre. As a result, the bracket will physically “lock itself”. The front bracket is designed for mounting all types of weapons, either with or without a recoil booster. The muzzle is slid into the bracket. If the weapon rack is used with a short firearm, the front bracket can be turned to face towards the rear bracket. The locking arm can be lifted to “change the grip” while turning and adjusting the bracket.

The purpose of the frame rails is to allow adjusting the distance between the front and rear bracket to permit the mounting of different types of weapons.
Frame rails come in two basic lengths but they can be adjusted for an optimum mounting to the vehicle.

The vehicle mount consists of two sets of brackets keeping the frame rails in place.

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