Laser cutting


The sheet metal unit of Toci is focused on making products of different levels of complexity, using carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Thin sheet metal products needed in the electrical and electronic industry are mainly manufactured with a stamping press, while a plasma cutting machine is used to cut thicker materials. However, the largest portion of sheet metal products is manufactured by means of laser cutting, performed with the Bystronic 4400 laser machine. 

Material cut with a laser may be up to 25 mm thick and the size of the detail may be up to 2 x 4 m. The CNC-controlled bench enables cutting details with an intricate shape. At the same time, laser cutting has minimal thermal effect on the material and thus, the details require no after-treatment. The cut surface is perfectly smooth and all the openings in the details can be made in their final intended sizes. Compared to other cutting methods, laser cutting is faster and the products manufactured in this manner belong to a very high accuracy class. Files prepared with the AutoCAD programme are used for cutting. This enables us to prepare the files ourselves on the basis of source material, should the need arise.

Technical data of the laser cutting machine Bystronic BTL4400:

  • laser power: 4400 W,
  • size of cutting base: 2000 x 4000 mm.

size of cutting base: 2000 x 4000 mm.

  • steel: 25 mm,
  • stainless steel: 20 mm,
  • aluminium: 12 mm.

We have expanded our inventory of equipment and can now provide tube cutting services on a Bystronic 4400 laser cutting bench.
Our laser cutting bench can produce finished tube parts up to 2500 mm in length, cut the parts in size, and make all the necessary cuts and openings. The bench can cut round tubes up to 140 mm in diameter and rectangular tubes up to 100x100 mm. Tube wall thickness can be up to 15 mm.
The bench can cut both stainless steel and carbon steel tubes. Tube cutting can reduce the manufacturing time of tube parts with a large number of complex openings, thus reducing the time to delivery and production cost of your products. At the same time, openings cut with the laser are very high quality and both location and dimension tolerances are very high.

According to the client’s wishes, products can also be bended on a 3.2 m bending bench and product edges can be bevelled for welding.