At Toci’s metal works unit, products are made from aluminium, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

We specialise in manufacturing products for large orders, while still remaining flexible enough to fulfil single special orders as well. Our everyday work includes manufacturing various marine navigation elements, wind turbines, machines, industrial equipment, metal parts for the electricity and electronics industry, and different construction products.

Thanks to the efficiency of the manufacturing process, qualified personnel, and efficient planning of works, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to clients that are based on their needs. In addition, if necessary, we organise favourable transportation solutions for finished products in Estonia, the Nordic region, as well as elsewhere in Europe.

Our qualified and highly motivated welders and metal-workers have long-term experience in their field. We ensure that parts are manufactured quickly and with high quality with the help of CNC laser cutters, bending machines, and lathes as well as industrial robots.

In June 2016, we successfully completed the EVS-EN ISO 1090 certification process organised by the renowned certification authority Bureau Veritas, which grants us the right to use the CE label on our products and proves that the requirements of the standard EN 1090 are followed in the design, compliance assessment, and manufacturing of metal structures.

Our successful activities are supported by the rest of our equipment, including:
• manual welding equipment and welding robots
• cutting machines of profile metal
• bench drills
• lathes and milling machines
• bending machines
• plate-bending machines
• sanders
• laser cutters
• gas cutters

All of the above ensures that the ordered products are finished on time and are of high quality. Finished products undergo rigorous quality control before delivery to the client.

With the help of our partners, we can provide basically all widespread methods of corrosion protection and surface treatment ranging from pre-treatment with various shot blasting methods to coating with various paint and galvanisation solutions.