Laser cutting



Toci’s sheet metal unit is focused on the manufacturing of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium products of different levels of complexity.

The majority of sheet metal products are made by laser cutting (with the Bystronic 4400 cutter). Thicker materials are cut with a gas cutter.

Important facts about laser cutting:
• Materials cut with a laser cutter may be up to 20 mm thick and the maximum dimensions of the part
   being cut can be 2 × 4 m.
• We are able to process raw materials with various dimensions and thanks to the CNC machines, we are
   able to cut parts with highly complex shapes.
• Laser cutting has a minimal thermal effect on the material and the parts need no additional treatment.
• The cut surface is perfectly smooth and openings can be made in the required sizes.
• Compared to other cutting methods, laser cutting is faster and gives highly accurate results.
• We use AutoCAD files for cutting, which we are also able to create from the source material.


Technical data of the laser cutter Bystronic BTL4400:
• laser power: 4,400 W
• size of the cutting base: 2,000 × 4,000 mm

Maximum thickness of the material being cut:
• steel: 20 mm
• stainless steel: 12 mm
• aluminium: 10 mm

Upon the client’s request, the products can also be bent on a 3.2-metre bending machine and the edges of the products can be bevelled for welding.

In addition to laser cutting, we can cut sheet metal with a thickness of up to 100 m with the gas cutter.